Learning Support

The results that students get at school - especially in NCEA examinations - impact upon future career opportunities and directions. Cambridge High School provides a range of additional learning support services to students to help them achieve academically to the very best of their abilities.


Deans work closely with referring students, monitoring progress and assisting with revision and organisational skills. They also make timetable changes, liaise with home if necessary and check students' credits to ensure they will attain a qualification if appropriate to that level.

They also work with the Scholarship group. This is a group of Year 13 students who intend sitting the NCEA scholarship exams in November. Deans also arrange Peer Tutoring.


These are available in all senior subjects at lunchtimes, after school, or another time scheduled by the individual teacher. Some run from the start of the year, all run as exams draw closer.

Senior Standard Interviews

All senior students have interviews at various times with the Careers Advisor and their Dean.

Year 13 students have their first interview early in Term 1 to discuss goals for the year, career aspirations and general progress. A later interview is scheduled after the internal exams in September. Year 11 and Year 12 progress is also discussed in interviews at various times during the year.

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