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This is the guide to the days we will share the following awards:

  1. Archery, Athletics & Basketball (15/11/2021)
  2. Cheerleading, Climbing & Cricket (16/11/2021)
  3. Cycling (1st half) & Cycling (2nd half)(17/11/2021 & 18/11/2021)
  4. Cross Country & E-Sports(19/11/2021)
  5. Equestrian (22/11/2021)
  6. Football, Futsal & Golf(23/11/2021)
  7. Hockey & Lacrosse(24/11/2021)
  8. Motocross, Netball & Rowing(25/11/2021)
  9. Rugby (26/11/2021)
  10. Sevens, Shooting & Swimming (29/11/2021)
  11. Squash, Table Tennis & Tennis(30/11/2021)
  12. Volleyball, Water-skiing & Water polo (01/12/2021)
  13. Major awards (02/12/2021)

CHS Sports Awards: Major Trophy Presentation

Major Awards will be announced from the 02/12/2021 onwards:

  1.  The Good Sort Trophy for Extra Ordinary Commitment to CHS Sport by a Coach, Manager, Official or Volunteer.
  2. The CHS Cup for Outstanding Contribution to CHS sport by a staff member.
  3. The Argyle Cup for Outstanding Participation in CHS Sport.
  4. The Team of the Year.
  5. Coach of the Year.
  6. Outstanding Contribution to Sport by a Coach.
  7. Sir Mark Todd Cup for Outstanding Achievement in Sport.
  8. The Gordon Cup for Sports Person of the Year.

CHS Sports Awards 2021

For the first time ever the recipients of CHS Sports Awards will be announced online.

Beginning the week of November 15th 2021, a group of individual awards will be announced on Facebook.  These short presentations will be able to be accessed here as well with a link to the School's YouTube channel.

Click on the Name of the Award for the announcement of the recipients of these awards or scroll down.

Archery, Athletics & Basketball Awards 2021

Cheerleading, Climbing & Cricket Awards 2021

Cycling Awards 2021 (1st half)

Cycling Awards 2021 (2nd half)

Cross Country & Esports Awards 2021

Equestrian Awards 2021

Football, Futsal & Golf Awards 2021

Hockey & Lacrosse Awards 2021

Motocross, Netball & Rowing Awards 2021

Rugby Awards 2021

Sevens, Shooting & Swimming Awards 2021

Squash, Table Tennis & Tennis Awards 2021