The end of rostering and face masks still highly recommended

Kia ora e te whaanau,
Dear Parents / Caregivers / Students,

I wanted to quickly update you on a few things today. 

Firstly, a reminder that the Year 11s are rostered home tomorrow. It is our intention that this is the last time we will need to roster home. COVID has done nothing, though, if not surprise us so we will keep a close eye on our local situation over the break and update you if we need to change this position.

Secondly, the government announced that we will move to Orange tonight (click on link below for more info). Key factors for us mean there are no longer any gathering limits, which makes the running of school events much more normal and predictable, and face masks are no longer required. Minister Hipkins repeated the evidence that facemasks remain an important protection and are encouraged in a school setting. For tomorrow, I would urge you to consider continuing to wear a face mask to school. Any step you can take at this point to ensure that your upcoming break is uninterrupted is well worthwhile! You will not be alone in choosing to wear a facemask. Many of our community feel much safer with the extra barrier a facemask provides and will continue to wear them next term. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/pol... 

I will be in touch again tomorrow with a link to our final assembly, an update about our parents evenings in Term 2 and details around uniform for next term.

Kind regards
Ngaa mihi
Greg Thornton
Cambridge High School