Rostering home updated details

Dear Parents / Caregivers,
Kia ora e te whaanau,

We have had a few queries about the rostering home of students, and I want to address those for everyone here.

  • Students on trips or courses. If a year level is rostered home, the students are still expected to continue with other commitments. This could be a special course, such as Gateway, a school trip or an Arts or Sports practice.
  • Student learning. Students will be continuing on with learning that has been established in class earlier in the week. It is not a day off, but rather a chance for them to complete work set by teachers or make progress towards assessment.
  • Uniform requirements. Normal school rules and uniform expectations apply when students attend school or trips on their rostered day off.
  • Multi-level classes. Some of our subjects are combined year levels (for example Dance with Level 2 and 3 in one class). These classes will continue to run, and students from both year levels are welcome to attend. Teachers of these classes will provide more detailed instructions to students if their attendance is required.
  • Students in a subject level that is different to their year level. We have some students who study subjects that are in a different Level to their Year group (as examples, studying Level 3 while in Year 12 or Level 2 while in Year 13). That can make it complicated, but here are the details for managing this:
  1. The year level of the subject will dictate if the class is running, or not. This means that, for example, Level 3 subjects will not be held on the Year 13 rostered day home. If students from another year level have a class on that day, they need to go to the mezzanine floor in the library.
  2. An example of this would be a Year 12 student in a Level 3 class.
  3. Students attending CHS on their rostered day off. Students in a different year level (e.g. Year 11 in Level 2) are invited to attend the class, but I ask that they come onsite for that lesson only, as they will not have classes running outside of this period. If these students cannot go home in between lessons, we will supervise them in the library.
  4. If students that are rostered off attend CHS they must sign in and out at the student office for Health and Safety reasons.
  5. In some cases, these students can carry on with their assessments in class and will be strongly encouraged to attend by their teachers.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this time. The rostering home of students will enable us to reduce the size of the school while still keeping in touch with the students and their learning progression. This is an important step for us as it helps us cover classes and maintain the Health and Safety of our site.

A reminder of the schedule for the coming week:

Friday 4th March – Year 13
Monday 7th March – Year 12
Tuesday 8th March – Year 11
Wednesday 9th March – Year 13
Thursday 10th March – Year 12
Friday 11th March – Year 11

As you understand, the situation keeps evolving. As mentioned previously, we will continue to monitor it closely. All information we have is that the biggest impact will occur during March, after which the case numbers and pressure will reduce. We will keep a constant eye on the situation and provide you with advance warning over any changes. The key factor for influencing this next decision will be the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students, especially the quantity of staff available for duty and covering lessons.

When case numbers decrease for a period of time, we will revert back to normal operations. If case numbers continue to increase, and we need to take further steps, we will either roster home multiple year levels at a time or run online learning for all students, as we have done successfully in the past. The action will depend on the size of impact we are experiencing.

Kind regards
Ngaa mihi nui

Greg Thornton