Student Accounts

Invoicing to Student Accounts

Any requested Parent Contributions and Materials Charges are invoiced in Term 1.  Summer sports will be invoiced in Term 1/Term 4 and Winter sports will be invoiced in Term 2.

School Donation (optional)

The optional School Donation is currently set at: 1st student $160.00, 2nd student $110.00, 3rd student $60.00.  Family maximum $330.00 (3 or more children). The School Donation is not compulsory and it normally qualifies for a 33.3% IRD donation rebate.

These funds are used to purchase equipment or activities not provided by the Ministry of Education, such as sports equipment, school production, newsletters, school magazine and the school’s share of operating expenses for the Community Gym.


Payments to the student’s account can be made at our Student Office, by cash, cheque or card, or online into our school account.

Bank Account N#  03  0303  0132350  00

When making payments, please enter the following reference codes:


Students leaving the school permanently must obtain a Clearance form.  When it is completed the form must be handed back to the student office. (Note:  a student cannot be ‘cleared’ until all school property on loan has been accounted for and all fees and charges paid).

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