Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is when a more capable, generally older student tutors another in any subject that they need assistance with. It is not only for those struggling with new and old concepts that seek tutoring, even those towards the top of their level can achieve at a higher rate with extra assistance. The benefit of tutoring is a one on one system in which misunderstandings are quickly ironed out with immediate feedback and forward guidance, this results in increased understanding leading to a more positive opinion of students own learning potential which in turn leads to a happier student who is increasing their knowledge. Over the last few years we have been steadily increasing numbers to over 70 participants with over 90% requiring assistance with Mathematics. Tutors are paid by the students $10 per hour with sessions usually immediately after school and sometimes during lunch time and generally within the school grounds.  Sessions are commonly for one hour at a suitable time and location each week and always negotiable between parties. Students can tutor more than one person as well as a student may have more than one tutor if they so desire. In some cases we can even help out students who do not attend Cambridge High School also.

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