Dancing to Her Own Beat

Cambridge High School student Miriana Wetere-Ryder will dance at this year’s World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas in August as part of a dance crew called The Duchesses.

She often sees her reflection in rehearsal as she hones her skills, but at the same time, Cambridge High School student and hip hop dancer Miriana Wetere-Ryder has been reflecting on just how far she has come.

It’s a journey during which she admits she has been “lost for words” at times and which has most recently seen Wetere-Ryder be selected to dance at the 2014 World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas in August as part of a dance crew called The Duchesses.

The Duchesses were selected to compete in Las Vegas this month after placing second in their category at the New Zealand Hip Hop Championships in Auckland.

Preliminary and finals rounds were held and as well as claiming the runner-up spot on finals night, the dance crew also took home the trophy for the best act of the night.

Dancers filled four different divisions on the night – a junior category for dancers 12 and under, a varsity division for dancers 13-17, also the division Miriana and The Duchesses were in, an adult division for dancers aged 18 and over and a mega crew division.

Given the scale of the occasion, Wetere-Ryder said she was blown away by hearing The Duchesses called out as runners up.

“I was just lost for words to be honest but to me it was a reward for all the training and hard work we have been putting in.

“I have really only been part of The Duchesses for about a month but it’s like they see you as having become part of their family and they treat you like that.”

The pay off come after that hard work has been put in for a long period of time.

Wetere-Ryder has been working for the last three years towards her goal, she has been dancing since she was 10 and has gained national scholarships to help her along the way.

It’s all because she loves her craft.

“To me, real hip hop is an expression in which you can be free to be yourself and express how you are feeling on the dance floor. You don’t have to pretend to be anything you are not.”

Before the worlds in August, The Duchesses are now performing series of shows as part of a school showcase tour.

Article & Photo : Cambridge Edition

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