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Year 9

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Year 10

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This Year 10 Curriculum Guide is designed to help you choose your options for 2020.

It provides you with information about:

  • Year 10 Subjects;
  • Specialist Learning Area Subjects;
  • Subject progression for Years 9-13, and;
  • Looking ahead – requirements for NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Year 10 study is a mix of compulsory subjects and THREE Specialist Learning Areas that you will have to select.

Remember to talk to your teachers, Careers Advisor and parents/caregivers about your option choices. They will have some valuable background information for you.

GOOD reasons for making a Specialist Learning Area choice:

  • You are interested in the subject;
  • You enjoy the subject;
  • It will help your future education, and;
  • You have to study it to get into other courses.

POOR reasons for making a Specialist Learning Area choice:

  • Your friends are taking that subject;
  • You think a certain teacher is teaching it;
  • You think it is an ‘easy’ subject, and;
  • You do not know what else to take.

Note: 13 September 2019.  All subject choice forms must be returned to your Form Teacher. Places in classes are limited so you need to return your form on time.

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