General Information

School Hours

  • A 5 minute movement time is in place.  This means that in periods 1, 2 and 3, classes move to their next venue in the last 5 minutes of these periods.
  • Days 4 and 9 start at 8.50am (period 1), and period 2 starts at 9.45am
  • Bus schedules remain the same each day.
  • Students may work in the library before school.

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School Map

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Reports are sent to parents three times a year. We arrange meetings for parents with teachers to discuss progress, and use the newsletter to advertise these. Parents are always welcome to phone if additional information is required.

Support and Guidance

At times, individual students benefit from extra help in meeting our standards of behaviour. Our approach to discipline is based on motivation and consequences for both good and bad behaviour. Good behaviour is rewarded, and poor behaviour can lead to a variety of strategies designed to correct it. After school detentions are given, and parents will have twenty-four hours notice of these (employment, bus arrangements and appointments will not be accepted as an excuse for non-attendance).

Standards of Behaviour

Courtesy, co-operation, consideration for others, and common sense are valued, and expected. Students are expected to respect our rules, wear our uniform well, be punctual and attend regularly. We believe students learn self-discipline in a disciplined, orderly and safe environment, which means smoking, vaping, alcohol and illegal drugs are forbidden, and students are expected to respect each other and property.

Where a student out of school brings the school into disrepute by misconduct, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to exercise school discipline. This particularly applies to students on their way to school, from school, and when wearing our uniform in public. Our rules are available at the Student Office.

Attendance and Punctuality

Students need to be at school to learn successfully. Parents are asked to assist us.  (click here for Attendance Procedures)

Please phone in on the morning a student is absent, followed by a signed absence note when they return stating the name, form, dates of absence and the cause of the absence. Please make dental and medical appointments after school if possible.

Please ensure students are present, especially on the first and last days of terms, and no extra time is requested to extend holidays.

If parents have a special request for a student to be away from school or more than 2 days, permission is required well in advance from the Principal. A letter or email explaining the reason for the request is expected.

We have programmes to encourage punctuality, and our Deans closely monitor attendance.


Lunch passes are available from Deputy Principal, Mr McDonnell for Y13 students who regularly walk home to have lunch at their own home. The school canteen is open daily providing nutritious food at reasonable prices.



For Bus Routes and Stops, please contact Cambridge Travel Lines who are the bus service for Cambridge High School.
Phone: 07 827 7363

The Ministry of Education administers the school buses for all New Zealand public schools, which includes the Cambridge Area.  Please click on the following link for more information.


The 8.00am Hamilton to Cambridge BUSIT service travels via school (Monday to Friday during school term). This bus stops on Taylor Street by the walkway into school and then returns to its normal route so is a very handy to use. Please note the pick up for the afternoon bus is from Victoria Street/Hamilton Road at 3.57pm (not Taylor Street). To find out more information about the Hamilton to Cambridge bus service visit 

Cambridge High School Educational Trust Inc

This trust was established in 1972 to raise and invest funds to benefit students. The Tom and Rose Milnes Award annually provides grants to students to assist their learning beyond school, at University, Polytechnics, or training programmes. Students are invited to apply for this assistance each year.


Our school has an open information policy. All records are open to the person concerned. We reserve the right to collect, use and disclose information when required for educational and administrative purposes.

The First Day

We hope students will quickly settle into our routines. Year 9 students will be helped by Peer Support student leaders, and form teachers. Other newcomers will be helped by Deans who will arrange ‘buddies' for the first few days.

Students should check local newspapers for starting dates and times. Students should be wearing correct uniform, and bring pen and paper.

Seniors are expected to confirm courses and re-enrol in the last week of January.

Cambridge High School

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